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Welcome to Lifeworks

Lifeworks is an weblog that seeks to help my readers (and myself) in our ongoing challenge to figure out what this life is all about. Now I know that sounds like a tall order and it is. This is my first post so we begin at the beginning. I want to have an ongoing conversation about:

  • Time Management
  • Health Issues
  • Money and Wealth
  • Fitness
  • Conciousness and
  • Courage

I added the last one because I truly think it takes a great deal of courage to lead a self examined life. How many people do you know who just seem to coast through lives blindly, buffeted about by the rough tides of circumstance? I not only know several, I’ve been one on many times.

My blog is one of hundreds dedicated to personal devlopment and I’ll be sharing several more with you as the time goes on. Here’s a terrific one to start. Check out Steve Pavlina’s great site at stevepavlina.com/

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